Quick Tips


When we seek photos, we have the intention of using them for publications that go include and go beyond the website: pamphlets, brochures, yearbooks, and possible images in the Gardner-Webb Magazine. For such print publications, photos need to be high resolution so they turn out nice and clear, which rules out many cell-phone pictures or anything pulled from Facebook. Generally speaking, it’s tough to use images less than 1MB in size.

Some quick tips to keep in mind when taking a photo:

1) Good Lighting: Make sure the light source is in front of you rather than behind your head or the image will turn out dark.

2) Faces: It’s great to see happy smiling faces; make sure they're not hidden in hair, shadows, or turned away from the camera.

3) Action Shots: While it’s nice to see faces in the picture, that doesn't always mean simply smiling and staring at the camera. We like to see people DOING things that represent Student Life: hanging out in hammocks, playing games in Tucker Student Center, building a snowman in the quad, whatever you think shows off the Gardner-Webb experience!

4) Subjects: Pick a buddy, building, bulldog, or something else to be your subject! Then focus your attention on that subject and get close enough to ensure your subject is easily identified. This works better than a wide shot of an entire crowd of people with your subject hidden in the middle; and remember, your subject doesn't have to be in the middle of the frame!

5) Simple Backgrounds: Make sure there’s not too much going on behind the subject. Lots of “stuff” tends to distract the viewer.

Also, if you have lots of images of any given event or activity, pick your favorite and send it along. This ensures that your top choice is the only one considered. We appreciate your help and support, as it goes a long way in helping pass the experience on to others. Thanks!